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Anatomy of the Spirit with Sarah Sampson

Saturday, April 29th from 2-4 PM.

Inspired by the intuitive healing text by Dr. Caroline Myss, the Anatomy of the Spirit workshop will be a journey though the 7 centers of spiritual and physical power. The ancient knowledge of both the chakra system and the Christian sacraments will be drawn together to illustrate the 7 stages everyone must move through to develop personal power and spiritual maturity. This immersion will include discussion on the physical, mental, and spiritual significance of the 7 energy centers, a chakra awakening yoga practice, and a reiki infused savasana. Led by Sarah Sampson, a 300-hr RYT and reiki practitioner who has a passion for showing others how to break down energy barriers to step into their most joyful, authentic expression.

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Price: $35

Where: Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts Main Room

Make Your Own Mala Workshop with Joe Alexander

A 'mala' is a traditional garland of 108 prayer beads typically with knots tied in between each bead, used to keep count while chanting, praying, or meditating.  The use of stringed beads for these purposes dates back for millennia and many different cultures today still use prayer-beads or worry-beads for praying, counting or mindfulness purposes; or as fashionable accessories in reflecting their lifestyle and beliefs.  

In this special workshop, you are invited to come, sit in community, learn about and then create your own unique mala using wood and and semi-precious stones, charms and other accents, including the distinctive handmade tassel.  Blended into the workshop will be a brief meditation and gentle asana (restorative yoga) as part of the preparation for channeling your creativity, sharpening manual-dexterity, and infusing yourself and your creation with positive intention and energy. 
No prior crafting, meditation, or yoga experience is required.  Participants will be provided with all necessary materials and instruction to create their own individualized mala (or rosary or komboloi).  
Workshop Fee: $35
Materials Fee: $25+ depending on participant's selection of beads
If you have a specific request for semi-precious stones, please contact Joe Alexander at alexanderjba@gmail.com to make arrangements prior to workshop. 

Signup for this workshop here.

Where: Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts Main Room

Little Yogis Workshop with Sarah Sampson and Analiese Hill

Do you crave joy? Spontaneity? Deep connection?  This afternoon immersion focuses on yoga and mindful play with children.  Sarah and Analiese create a rich, empowering space that introduces participants to playful and expressive ways of engaging the wondrous world of children.  

Analiese and Sarah, both Early Childhood educators, yoga teachers, and students of life, are dear friends and co-creators that bring a sense of inspiration and deep meaning anywhere they go.  In this immersion, participants explore their own experience with mindfulness and yoga, and what it means to experience deep connection.  Attendees dive into the purpose of using yoga and mindful play as a tool for guiding children toward nature and toward sharing their own natural gifts.  When we as adults choose to engage children mindfully, slowing down enough to see the world as they see it, we say yes to one of the greatest callings in life: taking responsibility for creating positive change on planet.  Spending more time with children in natural spaces with deep connection, creativity and play, we raise the consciousness of the global human, and are working toward greater sensitivity to the Earth and to one another.


The Little Yogis workshop is a ideal for anyone interacting with children and desiring to enliven a passion for more expansive and fulfilling work with youth, community and the earth. 

Signup for this workshop here.

Price before May 13th: $49

Price after May 13th: $59

Where: Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts Main Room

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