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“Brynn is an intuitive and compassionate Healer utilizing a truly Holistic approach to her Yoga and Massage Therapy. I feel more centered and less stress after my yoga practice at Elemental Yoga!  Highly recommended for Yogis of all ages and levels.”

~Sallie Rody~

“Brynn Byrne is a wise and intuitive healer with a deep knowledge of Yoga Therapy both in theory and practice. She has the knowledge, skills and energy to lead many to health and healing.” –

~Joseph Le Page~

“Utilizing Yoga and Massage Therapy, Brynn can help you feel better fast. She possesses unique talents as a natural healer and therapist. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking better health.”

~Daniel E. Andrews III M.D., Napa~

“Brynn teaches a gentle class with instruction that is easy to follow. She presents ways to do the exercises so anyone can do them. I recommend her classes for any beginner looking to learn in a low pressure environment.”

~Mike J.~

“Brynn is calm, professional and very knowledgeable, and has taught me to handle my stress.”

~Jeanne B.~

“Brynn is an AMAZING yoga teacher! She has a gentle approach, that helps me find inner peace. I feel great after every session with Brynn. Highly recommended.”

~A. Saafir~

“I am a young, active, twenty-four year old, and I have seen first hand the amazing physical as well as mental benefits that are tied to the practice of yoga therapy. To not try it would be doing yourself a disservice. Elemental Yoga is like no other yoga studio; connecting the body, mind, and soul through the breath and allowing you to take that positive energy into your daily activities.”

~Brianna McKernon~

“Brynn’s classes are the perfect way to unwind after a long day of go, go, go. I feel strong and peaceful after every session. Brynn is a wonderful teacher and has a calming energy that is infectious.”

~Lee Forrest~

“Yoga has been worth every minute. It’s a great workout. My body after only two weeks already feels much more limber, and the most wonderful part is how calm I feel after I complete a class. If you’ve never tried yoga or you want to get back into it this is a great studio. I’m really glad I finally made the decision to give yoga a try. It’s something I hope to continue with for a long time.”

~Doris Watkins~

“There is something for everyone at Elemental Yoga. Brynn encourages growth mentally, physically, and spiritually as she guides us through her visualization and relaxation techniques. Her classes are a blend of both therapeutic and challenging exercises so every individual can find their own journey.”

~Tiffaney Staggs~

“Brynn’s classes offer a calm oasis for the body, mind, and spirit.”

~David Cory~

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