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Elemental Yoga

2017-2018 Yoga Teacher Training Application


Personal Information



Spiritual Name:________________________________________________________________________


Phone:                  _____________________________Alternate Number:_________________________________

Birthdate:___________________________ Social Security:_____________________________________

Emergency Contact Information

Name: ___________________________ Phone:_______________________ Relationship: ___________


  1. Please provide a paragraph up to 300 words (attached) about your prior yoga experience (how long have you practiced, where, what style, etc.?)  And in the paragraph please mention what your goals as a yoga teacher are.

  1. Please attach a photo (a copy of driver’s license or one printed out from your computer/ camera)

  1. A $500 Deposit will be applied to class cost and is due upon receipt of the application.  This $500 is non-refundable and reserves your space in the class.   Arrangement for monthly payments can be made and combined to total  $3500.00 with an additional $25/month processing fee. Or if payment is made in full by July 1st, 2017, the total payment will be $3300.



For administration only :  

Monthly amount? _____________ First of month ________ 15th of Month____________

Elemental Yoga School Teacher Training Tuition and Refund Policy

Tuition for yoga teacher training is $3500 per person. A deposit of $500 will be required to hold the applicant’s spot.  This deposit will be nonrefundable.  The balance of tuition will be due on September 6th 2017.

If a student enters the program and is terminated or withdraws, the student will be refunded the remaining tuition as follows:

                  Between the 1st and 2nd week, 90% will be refunded

                  Between the 2nd and 4th week, 80% will be refunded

                  Between the 4th and 8th week, 75% will be refunded

                  Between the 8th and 12th week, 50% will be refunded

                  Between the 12th and 16th week, 10% will be refunded

                  After the 16th week there are no refunds

Tuition is charged for all weeks scheduled prior to official termination of withdraw.  The effective date of termination or withdraw will be the earliest of the following:

                  The last day of attendance if the student is terminated by a lead instructor

The date of receipt of written notice from the student, or two weeks following the last date of attendance

Refunds will be made within 30 days of the effective date of withdraw or termination.

If the program is canceled, all deposits and tuition paid will be refunded.  If a student cancels after a class is in session or missed hours during the program there will be no refund for those hours.

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