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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program


This program meets and exceeds the credentials required to become a 300 hour RYT through the Yoga Alliance. There are 5 primary components to this training:

  1. Apprenticing and Assisting the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (2 modules 155 hours)

    1. September 6th, 2017-January 21st, 2018

    2. September 4th, 2018-January 20th, 2019

  2. Adaptive Yoga for Private sessions and speciality populations (2 modules 52 hours)

    1. August 11-13th, 2017 Module 1

    2. November 3-5th, 2017 Module 2

  3. Ayurveda in Yoga (1 module 26 hours)

    1. February 23-25th, 2018

  4. Integration of Sanskrit and the Subtle Body Anatomy(1 module 26 hours)

    1. March 23-25th, 2018

  5. Yoga as a Life Skill (1 module 90 hours)

    1. February 6th- June 12th, 2018


The Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program at Elemental Yoga places a special emphasis on daily self-care/sadhana, sacred service and mentorship. Our program is built on the principles of discipline, service and teaching. We believe that these are the pillars of a more fulfilling life.

Every graduate of our 300 hour training program will Apprentice and Assist the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training for two years. This program exists in order that each student may truly translate information into wisdom. The course is designed to be completed over 18 months. However, it can be extended to be completed over 30 months.

Over the course of this program, you will learn how to serve, how to teach, and how to create opportunities for yourself and others.  You will be guided to confidently live what you are learning. We are committed to helping our students consistently and methodically take their next steps for optimal personal and spiritual development. Through regular study, regular teaching and regularly stretching your limits, you will learn excellence as a teacher.


YTT 300 hr Modular Information

Apprenticeship to the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training: (80 Hours)

This program runs from September 2nd, 2017- January 21st, 2018.

In order to participate in this program, an apprentice must have completed a YTT 200 hour Program registered with the Yoga Alliance. Apprentices will functions as assistants & mentors to the students in the YTT 200 hour. Apprentices must attend at least 60 hours of the YTT 200 hour program. Of the 60 hours that apprentices attend, they must do a write up for 30 of those hours.  Additional requirements include monthly meetings on Saturdays from 1:00-4:30 pm for a total of 16.5 hours: The Saturday dates are September 2nd, October 14th, November 11th, December 9th & January 13th.  In the monthly meetings apprentices will review the information taught in the previous weekend as well as the methodology of teaching. Apprentices will receive instruction in spotting for the asana classes and overseeing student teaching groups for asana, pranayama and meditation. Additionally, apprentices will meet with a mentee from the 200 hour teacher training program one on one in the training for 6 hrs. They will help the YTT 200 hour student navigate through whatever arises for them during the training. For those that desire to, apprentices will have the opportunity to teach one class within the 200 hr YTT. You will receive guidance in preparing curriculum and in the manner of presentation.


Assistant to the YTT 200 hr Program Level 2: (75 hours)

This program runs from September 2nd, 2017 - January 21st, 2018 or from Sept.1, 2018 - Jan. 20, 2019.

The advanced apprenticeship indicates that an assistant has already been through the apprenticeship program at Elemental Yoga. This will be his or her second year helping the training program. This program takes the responsibility of the apprentice to the next step. The role of the assistant is to be of support to the head teacher, the students and especially the first year apprentices. Assistants will participate in the monthly meetings in between the intensive training weekends. Assistants must attend the portions of the YTT training program in which the apprentices are teaching in order to give constructive feedback. Assistants must attend at least 60 hours of the YTT 200 hour program. They will also teach 1-2 classes in the YTT 200.

The object is for the Advanced Assistants to go a layer deeper as mentors to the first level Apprentices through the training program and create projects that will aid the community.


Adaptive Yoga for Private Sessions & Specialty Populations (52 hours)

Modules 1 & 2 (26 hours (Module 1) 26 hours (Module 2))

Module 1: August 11-13th, 2017  |  Module 2: November 3-5th, 2017

This is a two part module which will include two weekends and ten hours in the community teaching private yoga sessions. Students will be assigned to read: "Yoga and Psychotherapy." by Swami Rama. Curriculum over the course of two weekends includes five koshas, Ayurvedic understanding of Diet and Nutrition; the business and ethics of a private Yoga practice; the Ethics of Yoga; the nervous system and yoga, subtle body anatomy; Western anatomy, yoga Nidra, meditation, adaptive group practice, how to set up a private session, modifications for special conditions, creating a questionnaire, partner assessment, suggested poses, breathwork, meditation and its application. The objective is for students to receive comprehensive tools to work with future clients one on one and to have the time and space to execute their intuitive abilities to work with others.


Ayurveda in Yoga (26 hours)

This module goes from: February 23-25th, 2018

It will include testing to identify dosha

Asana, meditation and mantra from an ayurvedic perspective

shat karma as a remedy for specific ailments

Daily Abhyanga

Prakriti and Vikruti theory

Ayurveda in the Bhagavad Gita

Partner assessment, session creation and application of Ayurveda

practice teaching pranayama and meditation


Integration of Sanskrit and the Subtle Body Anatomy (26 hours)

This module goes from March 23-25th, 2018

Curriculum includes:  “Eastern Body, Western Mind”,

Pranayama, meditation & asana practices to awaken subtle body through mantra

Anatomy of asana

Chakras and endocrine system

Nadis and nerve channels

Western anatomy: digestive system and vayus

Nervous system and the science of breathing

Class creation and practice teaching

Techniques of Sanskrit: exploring sound in the mouth

Mantra learning and recitation

Prescribing sound for dosha imbalance


Yoga as a Life Skill (90 hours)

This program runs from February 6th - June 12th, 2018

Curriculum includes regular asana practice and assessment of asana and teaching theory

Specific life skills including building a business in Yoga, either though the studio, in corporate office and through private lessons.

Application of visualization for self-confidence, clarity and goal fulfillment

Integration into specific weekend modules including Ayurveda in Yoga, Sanskrit & subtle body

Homework will include written papers and book assignments on a weekly basis.

Students will be assigned to practice teaching outside class.

Students will be assigned to help organize one community event.

The aim is for students to develop their confidence not only as Yoga teachers but as entrepreneurs. This class is designed to help bridge the gap between what has been learned as a student, practiced in daily living, and then executed as a teacher.

Students will be held accountable to develop the habits of service and sadhana.


Total: 349 hours

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