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"I am committed to cultivating a conscious connection to my inner experience, discerning the voice of my higher Self, and acting according to that wisdom. Through alignment in body, mind and spirit, I live joyfully in the balance of freedom and sacred responsibility."

Brynn Byrne

Founder of Elemental Yoga

As a devout student and teacher, Brynn Byrne teaches Yoga holistically as a science of physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Holding advanced certifications in Yoga, Massage Therapy and Professional Yoga Therapy, Brynn studied and worked under the guidance of great teachers who helped her become a talented, knowledgeable and intuitive Yoga Therapist and teacher.

Having worked with Joseph Le Page in Brazil for a few years, Brynn returned to Texas and followed her intuition and inner calling to stay and share her Yoga Therapy, knowledge and holistic approach with the Fort Worth community. The doors of Elemental Yoga are open for beginners and advanced Yoga practitioners, those with various medical conditions who are seeking healing and those who are just looking for ways to add balance, harmony (or perhaps just a few hours of weekly workout) to their lives.

Brynn’s Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN) 2008
  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Mount Madonna Center (Santa Cruz, CA) 2006
  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga at The Wellness Center (Fort Worth, TX) 2012
  • 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Mount Madonna Center (Santa Cruz, CA) 2010
  • 500 hr Massage Therapy Training at Napa Valley School of Massage (Napa Valley,CA) 2008
  • 500 hr Professional Yoga Therapy Training with Joseph Le Page (Kripalu, MA). 2008
  • 1000 hr Professional Yoga Therapy Training with Joseph Le Page (Kripalu, MA). 2014
  • Mastery Of Consciousness Respondere from School of Metaphysics (Windyville, MO). 2014
  • He Who Teaches Learns: Qui Docet Discit from School of Metaphysics (Windyville, MO). 2017

Brynn Byrne is a wise and intuitive healer with a deep knowledge of Yoga Therapy both in theory and practice. She has the knowledge, skills and energy to lead many to health and healing.

Joseph Le Page,
Founder of Integrative Yoga Therapy

Utilizing Yoga and Massage Therapy, Brynn can help you feel better fast. She possesses unique talents as a natural healer and therapist. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking better health.

Daniel E. Andrews III M.D.,
Napa The Heart Clinic of Napa Valley, CA

Brynn’s teaching schedule
Drop in class: Mondays - 5:00 PM - Mondays
Moving into Stillness: 5:30 PM - Tuesdays
Discovering Your Inner Landscape: 9:15 AM - Wednesdays
The Yoga of Tantra: 6:00 AM - Thursdays

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