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Sarah Sampson

Seeing yoga as an active devotion, Sarah Sampson approaches her practice as a tool to find connection with herself and the Divine. As a yoga instructor, theatre teacher, and reiki practitioner, she hopes to teach in way that encourages healthy expression of the connected Self.

After completing her 200-hr RYT through Om Yoga Journey with Arpita Shah, she began her teaching path by leading children’s yoga classes. The innate ability of children to exhibit full body awareness and expression continues to inspire her yoga practice, and in this way, she hopes to bring a childlike curiosity toward the movement of the body and mind to her adult classes.

Her passion for teaching yoga comes from seeing a true need for people to (re)learn how to communicate authentically from their whole Self: body + mind + spirit. She is certain that yoga holds the power to allow humans to connect and then express and is honored to be able to share this wisdom with the Elemental Yoga Community.

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