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Michael Dardanes

Michael Dardanes is co-owner of the studio and heads up the Mind Arts division of Elemental Yoga. He has earned his Respondere and Qui Docet Discit from the School of Metaphysics, teaching in Palatine, IL and directing and teaching the schools in Springfield, MO and Fort Worth, TX for over four years. He continues his education by learning and teaching at Elemental Yoga and through retreats at Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, CA. 

Michael has reached for and achieved excellence throughout his life. In college, he was captain of the soccer team from 2007-2009, received Student Athlete of the Year in 2009, the Jane Forgey Acting Award from 2007-2009, published several pieces of writing, and graduated with top honor receiving the Oak and Ivy Award in 2009. He holds a B.S. from Kentucky Wesleyan College. 

Michael has recently been featured on 92.9 The Beat and 95.9 The Ranch for his work with dream interpretation. He also gives lectures throughout the Midwest on topics such as successful living, concentration, visualization, astrology, practical spirituality, and meditation. He is a contributing writer to themindfulword.org <http://themindfulword.org/>. 

Michael enjoys spending time with his partner, Brynn, and meeting new people in Fort Worth. He is currently invested in building spiritual community with individuals from different backgrounds. He loves aiding others to know themselves and express themselves through uplifting creations in the world. 

His favorite non-fiction book is The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and he currently enjoys the works of Baba Hari Dass. His favorite superhero is Dr. Strange. He loves spending time in nature and continuing to deepen his yoga practice. 

Michael’s teaching schedule 

Visualization for Self Mastery: 12:00 PM - Fridays 

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