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How it started: Yogis R Us

All things happen when the time is right. And so it was with our studio.

Its history started in late August of 2010 when Brynn Byrne, who was teaching at a Yoga Center in Brazil, came home to Fort Worth to visit her family. During this time, she unexpectedly stumbled upon a magnificent yoga space which would be just right for her own practice. Taking this as a sign, she decided to settle in Fort Worth.

Yogis R Us, now known as Elemental Yoga, is an expression of the life journey towards union with oneself.

Very soon, Brynn established herself as a full time Yoga Therapist in the Fort Worth community. As she witnessed the positive changes in her clients’ health and overall well-being, her confidence in her knowledge and intuitive abilities grew. Brynn realized that not only was the work of Yoga Therapy bringing purpose and joy to her life and helping her evolve personally, but that she had a unique opportunity to share with Fort Worth a much needed holistic and therapeutic approach to Yoga – on a bigger scale. This is how Brynn’s studio, originally known as Yogis R Us, was born.

Now, a few years later, Yogis R Us studio has new name: Elemental Yoga: North Texas Yoga Therapy. However, with the new name the playful yet powerful message laid in the original title hasn’t been lost: we all are Yogis.

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